Remote sensing analysis is a vital part of large-scale, remote operations and ideal for site-specific monitoring of resources and infrastructure changes over time.

Our solutions can be used to monitor pipeline corridors, locate suitable habitat sites for offsets, and to provide information about the landscape where field teams cannot sample.

We collaborate with field teams to conduct pre-field assessments for the robust selection of representative long-term reference sites and pre-clearance survey sites.

The right solution can assist in the selection of suitable land access sites (to be used by multiple contractors). Mitigate land obstacles and plan for exploration, field assessments, asset alignment and more.

Importantly, we provide information to meet the spatial and temporal demands of Resources and Energy operations using cost-effective and coherent monitoring tools and products.

Here are just a few examples of the spatial solutions we can provide:

  • Feature extraction (classification)
  • Tenement baseline maps
  • Soil, mineral and Geological boundary mapping
  • Asset and Infrastructure monitoring
  • Vegetation offset and rehabilitation
  • Mesquite (and other weed) Extent
  • Site/Corridor identification and Suitability
  • Time Series (Trend) Analysis
  • Improved Remote Sensing-derived GIS layers to support Environmental Impact Assessments.

and Forestry

Disaster Resilience,
Risk Management and Insurance

Government & Intergovernmental Organisations (IGO’s)

and Energy

Save Time.

Save Money.

Improve Accuracy.

Increase Precision.