Advanced Machine Learning Techniques designed by Ozius.
Send the right person to the right spot with the right tools.
Turn single points into valuable trend information.

Ozius created Naxia – An advanced analytics engine for the environment

  • Naxia brings Artificial Intelligence (machine learning) to environmental monitoring to improve land management decisions.
  • Naxia fuses multiple machine learning techniques with environmental science and earth observation science.

How Does Naxia Transform Your Decision Making?

  • Naxia uses existing on-ground data & fuses it with imagery from satellites, aircraft & drones to create new landscape intelligence.
  • Naxia reduces the subjectivity and misclassification that can come from off the shelf spatial systems alone.
  • Information generated by Naxia can integrate directly into existing enterprise systems.
Naxia consumes your existing on-ground or point based data
Analytics are tailored to your specific business needs.
Select the new landscape intelligence you require.
Outputs integrate directly into your decision making process.
Improve the currency of key city planning policy mapping
Monitor key Marine and Aquatic habitat
Quantify Natural Disaster Risk
Locate and quantify native and exotic vegetation
Identify Erosion and Landslide Risk

Reduce Time, Cost and Risk!

  • Reduce the gaps in your knowledge through increased spatial and temporal analysis while decreasing overall operational costs and time to decision
  • Naxia provides a complete suite of landscape intelligence to improve decision making across multiple business needs.

Predictive analytics and Preventative Maintenance

  • Naxia provides more insightful, timely & meaningful decision ready information over the entire operational area with consistency & efficiency.
  • More frequent information enables preventive maintenance to occur which reduces long-term costs and reduces the risk of catastrophic events.
  • Naxia can go back in time to provide historic environmental information and context to measure the success of past management programs which can be used to inform future decisions.
Quantify the success of policy or business decisions
Monitor assets for potential environmental risk.
Audit maintenance and construction programs over time