Coastal and riverine environments are active and dynamic and are increasingly being used for many activities from recreation areas, marine reserves and ports.

Changes in mangrove, wetland, seagrass communities and environmental flows can be the signal of major changes to ecological processes.

Ozius Spatial uses remote sensing as an unobtrusive, consistent and reliable monitoring technique to remotely analyse the distribution, health and density of coastal ecosystems, among other indicators of condition and biophysical processes.

We can work with Marine and Aquatic Ecology field specialists to collect key field data to inform Remote Sensing environmental analysis and provide holistic coastal and riverine products for marine, near-shore and riverine monitoring programs.

Our Marine and Aquatic Habitat Monitoring suite of products can be tailored to include:

  1. Seagrass and Mangrove distribution and density
  2. Mangrove and Wetland community mapping and health assessments
  3. Riparian condition mapping
  4. Groundwater dependant ecosystems mapping
  5. Natural Disaster Impact Assessment
  6. Coastal monitoring Time Series Analysis

Suitable for:

  • site identification and suitability
  • pre-field work analysis
  • monitoring operational effects
  • monitoring natural environmental impacts or natural-states such as impacts of floods or flow regimes


Save Time.

Save Money.

Improve Accuracy.

Increase Precision.