The right spectral sensors can detect key biophysical characteristics to map vegetation and support vegetation management activities.

Ozius Spatial uses the science behind the images to enhance, extract, analyse and integrate vegetation-related products into Environmental Assessments.

We work with field Ecology specialists to collect key field data to inform Remote Sensing environmental assessments. We provide products for vegetation monitoring programs on a variety of spatial and temporal scales for improved vegetation management.

Our Rehabilitation, Vegetation Ecology and Offsets suite of products can be tailored to include:

  1. Vegetation mapping, disturbance, offset and rehabilitation calculations
  2. Vegetation distribution mapping
  3. Vegetation Health assessments
  4. Vegetation Community and habitat Monitoring
  5. Bushfire Scarring Intensity and Extent
  6. Gain / Loss Time Series Analysis

Suitable for:

  • site identification and suitability
  • pre-field work analysis
  • environmental compliance and monitoring
  • monitoring operations
  • identifying vegetation offset requirements (financial offsets and compensatory planting)
  • monitoring natural environmental impacts such as recovery from fire

Agriculture & Land Management Assessment

Feature Extraction (classification)

Marine and Aquatic
Habitat Monitoring

Rehabilitation, Vegetation Ecology and Offsets

Weed Infestation

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