Ozius Spatial provides specialist remote sensing analytics services to measure, map and monitor landscape features, patterns and trends.

Ozius Spatial offers a synthesis of skill sets in environmental science, remote sensing analytics, spatial modelling and trend analysis for Earth Observation applications.

We offer the following services in remote sensing analytics:

Aquatic / Marine remote sensing analytics

  • Feature extraction (classification)
  • Seagrass and mangrove monitoring
  • Waterbody extent and watercourse condition monitoring
  • Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems (GDEs) mapping
  • Marine habitat analysis
  • Flood extent and risk mapping

Terrestrial remote sensing analytics

  • Feature extraction (classification)
  • Agriculture spatial solutions and productivity assessment
  • Land cover/Land use mapping for catchment analysis
  • Habitat and refuge mapping/analysis
  • Vegetation extent, health and community analysis and monitoring (Disturbance and Rehabilitation mapping)
  • Weed and pest monitoring
  • Fire dynamics
  • Soil mapping and erosion modelling
  • Connectivity and patch analysis
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