Are you Remote Sensing ready?

Ozius can provide Remote Sensing training for your organisation or project team.

Remote Sensing Fundamentals

We offer Remote Sensing training on image and lidar processing techniques for small or medium-sized groups.

We cover topics such as:

  • How Remote Sensing can benefit and enhance your business (increase efficiency, become more agile)
  • Introduction to software – what software for which occasion
  • Data, data and more data – what data for which occasion
  • Introduction to Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA)
  • How to classify (to digitise or not to digitise)

Remote Sensing Software

We can offer training in a variety of industry leading image processing and GIS software packages to enhance your image analysis capabilities and proficiency.


Looking to purchase software? We can also help you chose the correct software and tools for your needs. Contact us today.


Save Time.

Save Money.

Improve Accuracy.

Increase Precision.