Not every project needs new data. Where possible, we use existing client-housed data to leverage from previous investments into imagery, Lidar and other remote sensing data sources. Importantly we can also integrate your field data into our products.

If you know what Remote Sensing solution you require for your project please take a look at our unique products – we may already have something to suit your needs. If it’s not there we can design and build a custom product specifically for your needs.

Plan and execute spatial strategies designed specifically to provide solutions on your spatial, temporal and classification scales.

Both short term and long term project will benefit from building in a sound and robust spatial strategy during the scoping and development stage. By involving Ozius early, we can ensure you don’t waste money purchasing imagery or data that has a limited value or use.

Our independence means we can help you design a sustainable and cost effective project that will also assist you save money in other project deliverables.

Sensor Selection

The most important decision when designing spatial strategy is Sensor Selection. Choosing the correct sensor for your needs is mission critical. Our independence and years of experience mean we can select the most cost effective and appropriate sensor for your project needs.

Ozius can source and interpret the following but not limited to, sensors:


Other areas we can help you with:

  • Improve the efficacy of your desktop analysis.
  • Gain efficiency in your use of field resources and limit field collection to representative samples.
  • Approach your field activities in targeted and focused manner both spatially and temporally.
  • Optimise your vehicle and machinery movements during intense weather periods and times of disaster.

Any bespoke product or services Ozius Spatial creates or provides is guaranteed to be built upon scientifically sound techniques.


Save Time.

Save Money.

Improve Accuracy.

Increase Precision.