About Ozius

Answer complex spatial questions and solve critical business challenges

Ozius brings together remote sensing technology, artificial intelligence and environmental science to uncover insights about built and natural environments.

We help organisations understand the operating environment and trends that impact business success.

Award-winning insights
from an experienced team

Selected as one of Westpac’s top 200 businesses of tomorrow, the team at Ozius deliver cutting-edge business intelligence to companies across a wide variety of sectors.

Alisa Starkey

Founder and Director – Applied Science and Solution Design Lead

Alisa Starkey is the founder and Applied Science Solutions lead at Ozius. With a background in Marine Ecology Alisa learned the benefits of utilising Earth Observation data during when completing her Honours at the University of Wollongong.

Dr Peter Scarth

Director – System Architecture and Artificial Intelligence Lead

Dr Peter Scarth is a Director and Big Data and AI lead at Ozius. Peter works across disciplines to develop rigorous data management systems and validated mathematical models that measure and map both major and more subtle changes.

Dr Stuart Phinn

Director – Earth Observation and Space Technology Lead

Dr Stuart Phinn is a Director and the Earth Observation and Space Technology lead at Ozius. Stuart is also a Professor of Geography at the University of Queensland where he teaches remote sensing and directs the Remote Sensing Research Centre.

Large areas and disconnected sites. Multiple variables in space and time

Our bespoke solutions are designed to help enterprise and government clients achieve their operational, regulatory and social goals.

Make data about the past visible. Predict trends to guide the future.

Make data about the past visible. Predict trends to guide the future

Ozius builds detailed environmental intelligence to guide smart business decisions. 

We combine and analyse large volumes of data using machine learning. Gain business intelligence faster by layering your organisation’s corporate environmental data with decades of earth observation satellite data. 

Work directly with our team of experts and get a solution precisely tailored to your needs. 


Introducing Naxia.
The analytics engine
that enhances accuracy

We designed Naxia to address unique landscape differences and changes in local environments. Using Naxia, we dramatically reduce the bias and misclassifications often seen in off-the-shelf spatial systems.

Advanced AI-enabled
earth observation analytics
and intelligence

We’re more than remote sensing experts and spatial analysts. 

We’re also developers, researchers and business analysts, working together to design innovative solutions to complex problems.

Our team of directors is closely connected to leading academic institutions, working as professors, doctors and research fellows. 

We combine cutting-edge technology and research-driven insights with practical field applications.

Uncover environmental insights
and business intelligence

Make faster, more cost-effective decisions.