Advanced earth observation analytics and intelligence

Ozius technology solutions merge artificial intelligence (AI), remote sensing and environmental science.

We design bespoke solutions to suit an organisation’s unique operating environment, priorities and challenges. 

Access and combine data
to analyse and understand

Ozius fuses historic and contemporary data to create new landscape intelligence. We can rapidly combine your corporate data with decades of earth observation satellite data. 

Our capabilities span all types and formats of data, including:

Technical capabilities solving real business challenges

Make critical information visible.

We extract information at the temporal and spatial scale that matches your business needs. Gain access to data across your operations with greater efficiency and precision.

Add and expand on existing data sets.

We fuse historic and contemporary data sets to create new landscape intelligence. Our licencing ensures you retain ownership and control of new intelligence integrated into your enterprise system.

Detect changes over time and space.

We use a multi-temporal and multi-scale approach to turn point-based data into trend information. Quickly identify anomalies remotely across all areas of operation.

Conduct sophisticated analysis quickly.

We solve complex problems that were thought to be unsolvable. Our globally recognised approach provides answers in days, not months.

Identify trends, quickly and accurately.

We quantify historic trends and predict future trends with a high degree of confidence. Access insights to plan for the future and make decisions about new opportunities.

Measure and report success over time.

We integrate historic analysis with key events to quantify success. Establish baseline metrics, assess, and report on economic and social outcomes.

Understand risks today and in the future.

We analyse historic corporate data to learn from the past and predict the future. Identify anomalies remotely and take action to reduce risk fast.

Protect valuable business intelligence.

We take the security of your data and business intelligence seriously. We’re trusted by some of the world’s largest enterprises to integrate leading-edge solutions into core business activities.

Digital transformation for your teams and business

Our solutions are designed specifically for your business needs. They’re fit for purpose and decision-ready. 

They’re also designed with your people and processes in mind. Your solution will integrate directly into your decision-making processes, with outputs that match your needs.

Our approach is collaborative and supportive, so your team can embrace new potential. 


Go beyond what was
previously possible

Find out how Ozius can solve complex spatial problems and help transform your business.