How We Work

A proven process to
solve challenging problems

Ozius solves complex problems in the built and natural landscape. We uncover deeper understanding and new insights, helping you make more robust business decisions.


Define the problem and a pathway forward.

Complex problems often have many variables and a range of connected impacts. We consider multiple dimensions of the problem, including:

  • Environmental change and risk
  • Social impact and stakeholder engagement
  • Regulatory reporting needs
  • Market impacts.


Identify goals and needs for business success.

We build a deep understanding of your unique business needs, drawing on our experience in business analysis, change management, environmental science and data science.

We look closely at what’s already known then define detailed success criteria. Your data is protected with care for complete confidentiality.


Design a tailored solution for decisions and improvement.

We examine and evaluate a range of options to solve challenges in the built or natural landscape. 

Our solution design process defines a tailored technical approach to solving your organisation’s challenge. 


Analyse multiple variables and discover new insights.

We build a tailored solution to analyse data across multiple variables. Using Naxia, our AI-enabled analytics engine, we overcome bias and dramatically increase the accuracy of our analysis.

You’ll gain access to new insights that will enhance decision making and create new opportunities for business improvement.


Integrate with your enterprise systems for ongoing benefits.

We tailor the results and outcome of our work to match your ongoing business needs. Data and insights can be connected directly with your existing enterprise systems, ensuring you can access information in the format needed.

Maintain full control of your information, without any hidden or ongoing costs. 


Go beyond what was
previously possible

Find out how Ozius can solve complex spatial problems and help transform your business.